“I’ve easily solved my dog’s separation anxiety at-home during #lockdown”
Jessie, 59, California

Why Staying At Home During #Lockdown Could Cause Separation Anxiety?

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are now finding ourselves at home a lot more while we isolate, which is excellent news for our dogs who love having their humans available to them 24/7.

But what happens when things get back to normal, and we suddenly go back to work? Even the most relaxed dogs who are now used to the “home all day” routine are going to find it difficult to handle when you leave the house. It could lead to destructive reactions such as scratching at the door frame, panting, howling, barking, and toileting. 



Whether your dog had symptoms of separation anxiety before or not, 1 Month of #Lockdown is long enough for a dog to get used to you always being together. For this reason, personal dog trainers around the USA are spreading this notice to their clients. Lockdown may cause separation anxiety for many dogs when we get back to the usual schedule. The good news is that everyone, young or senior, can take 15 minutes per day to follow a training plan to prepare their doggo & solve separation anxiety for good.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is an actual condition that some dogs suffer from. They are not simply disobedient, and it can be triggered in many ways:

  • A sudden change in a dog’s routine, for example, spending much more time alone than usual

  • Not training your puppy to be comfortable being alone from a young age

  • A rescue dog who has anxiety from being in rescue kennels

  • The death of a pet friend your dog has lived with for years

  • A change in surroundings such as moving house

  • Hereditary behavior patterns or genetics

  • Boredom

It manifests in highly distressed and destructive behavior from your pet when you leave the house. Depending on the dog, the signs can begin as soon as you start to put on your shoes, or they may not start until after you’ve left home and you return to angry complaints of excessive barking from your neighbors, or to find your dog has chewed up your furniture and toileted on the floor.

Extreme Consequences When Symptoms of Separation Anxiety Are Ignored:    

  • Dogs have been known to break their teeth by trying to escape.

  • Dogs may develop eating disorders and lethargic behavior.

  • Dogs tear their nails and skin by trying to get out through the doors.

  • Dogs destroy doors and breakthrough windows to escape as their anxiety increases.

2 Key-Points Why Should Every Dog Owner Take Action Now

  • Now is the perfect opportunity to put effort into solving separation anxiety. So that when you do return to work, your dog is ready for the change in circumstances. It may seem a "catch-22 case" trying to train your dog to be alone at a time when you're home regularly, but now is the best time.

  • It takes 28 days for a dog to learn a new habit, whether it's positive or negative (the same as a human). Lockdown of 4-6 weeks time is already enough for a dog to get used to always having company. Meaning, many dogs could suffer from separation anxiety even if they've never had the symptoms before.

“An Easy-To-Follow Dog Training Kit To Solve Separation Anxiety at Home” 



Obsessively Follows You Around

Enjoys Private Time In Bed

Barks Excessively

Stays Calm

Whines When You’re Leaving

Relaxed When You’re leaving

Destroys Home

Plays With Toys or Sleep

Jumps Non Stop When Greeting

Politely & Happily Welcomes You

How it works?


Choose an easy to follow plan


Learn Along The Way


See Your Progress


Solve Separation Anxiety By Following A Day-By-Dy Plan

Choose Between a 28-Day or 3-Month Plan (Includes Crate Training).

  • Only 15-Minutes Training Per Day

    This plan is customized to follow the rules of the lockdown, meaning you won’t need to leave home.

  • Very Easy To Follow

    The plan was created for beginners to understand, so that everyone from a teenager to a senior could follow it!

  • Hear No Complaints For Leaving Him Alone

    Find out how to teach a dog to enjoy his own company & stop excessive barking.

  • No Reason To Bark

    Help your dog to understand that there is no reason to bark because you will come back.

  • Inspire Your Dog With Smart Toys, Puzzles & More

    Get suggestions to which toys are the best for different types of dogs.

  • Printable Happy Progress Calendar Will Keep You Accountable

    Draw a smile every day to let yourself know how the training of the day went. Celebrate the progress and show off to family or friends. People love to stick it on the fridge.

  • Create A Strong Bond Of Trust With Your Dog With A Few Easy Tricks

    Solving a dog’s separation anxiety is a game of trust. A feeling of confidence for each other with your four-legged family member is fulfilling.

  • Step-By-Step Plan For Easy Crate Training*

    *Crate Training Plan is included only in the 3-month training plan.


Learn-All-About with a “Dog Separation Anxiety Explained” e-Book & Audiobook 

learn it all in 2 hours

  • Learn how to prevent negative dog emotions before it even occurs.

    The 1st chapter explains the universal feelings expressed by dogs.

  • Find out how many different unwanted dog behaviors are related to separation anxiety and how to easily fix them.

    The 2nd chapter explains what dog separation anxiety exactly is.

  • Recognize dog's separation anxiety before it’s too late.

    The 3rd chapter explains the signs and symptoms of dog separation anxiety.

  • Know every exercise, activity, wearable, or toy that can help to treat dog separation anxiety.

    Chapter 4 explains the prevention and treatment of the disease.

  • Figure out if crate training is for you.

    Chapter 5 explains the concept of good crating practices.

  • Listen to it on every device & wherever you go.

    Learn all-about Dog Separation Anxiety in 7-Days by spending 15-20 minutes per day listening to an audiobook!


See Your Results by Tracking It On a Printable Happy Progress Calendar

It Will Keep You Accountable & Make Yourself Proud Afterwards

21 682+ dogs staying Calm & happy home-alone

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"Home Alone? Not a problem for my doggo anymore!"  

"Now I’m absolutely confident that my dog is ready! Home Alone? Not a problem anymore! I liked how short and concise the 28 day plan was! Can’t wait for the lockdown to be over and enjoy a nice dinner with my husband (just the two of us for once, no matter how much I love my dog)!"

- Michelle K., New York

Product Rating: 5/5

"Lockdown might cause separation anxiety for many dogs. Mine is safe now!" 

"Dogs get a habit in approximately 28 days, the same as people. Whether it’s a negative, or a positive habit. Meaning, if you will spend one month 24/7 with your dog, you will both get a habit of being together. This lockdown might cause separation anxiety for many dogs. When it’s all going to be over you will go back to your usual schedule but your dog won’t get an explanation why?! The good part is that taking this very simple & easy to follow 28 day plan should be enough to prevent it for most of the dogs! Highly Recommend it!"

Simona L., Professional Dog Trainer from Chicago 

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“I can’t shut up advocating this 28 day plan because I absolutely solved my dog’s separation anxiety with it (and I’m newbie at dog training). I even bought a 3-month plan on top to include crate training. It’s very easy to follow and I finally know how to spend quality time with my dog. Your ad on facebook was a wake-up call for me & my dog!”

Eve T., Huston 

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3-Month Plan To Solve Separation Anxiety + E-book

3-Month Plan To Solve Separation Anxiety + E-book "Dog Separation Anxiety Explained" + Crate Training


  • 3-Month Training Plan 

    Step By Step Guidance To Solve Separation Anxiety

  • Crate Training 

    Step-By-Step Guide Included In The Plan

  • Ebook & Audiobook 

    "Dog Separation Anxiety Explained" - Read or Listen on Every Device

  • Printable Happy Progress Calendar
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28-Day Plan To Solve Separation Anxiety + E-book

28-Day Plan To Solve Separation Anxiety + E-book "Dog Separation Anxiety Explained"


  • 28-Day Training Plan 

    Step By Step Guidance To Solve Separation Anxiety

  • Ebook & Audiobook 

    "Dog Separation Anxiety Explained" - Read or Listen on Every Device

  • Printable Happy Progress Calendar

    Of 28 Days

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28-Day Plan To Solve Separation Anxiety

28-Day Plan To Solve Separation Anxiety


  • 28-Day Training Plan 

    Step By Step Guidance To Solve Separation Anxiety

  • Printable Happy Progress Calendar 

    Of 28 Days

🔥 Limited stock! 🔥 

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Unfortunately, many of the local dog training schools, camps, or personal trainers are too expensive for most of the households. Prices can go as high as $100 per class, meaning $1 000 - $2 000 per few months. We believe that every loving dog owner could do most of the training by themselves if having the right guidance. That's why we create training plans that everyone could understand and easily follow the routine. 

Due to the current situation of #lockdown and unstable jobs, we've lowered our prices to the minimum (currently, you can save $150 by getting a 3-Month Training Plan Bundle to Solve Separation Anxiety together with the "Dog Separation Anxiety Explained" eBook & Audiobook). 

In case you've already chosen a 3-Month or 28-Day plan, but you couldn't afford to pay the full price, be sure to contact us, and we could figure something out. We want every dog to live happily, no matter the cost. 

That's why a percentage of our profits go to dogs in need. If you have any shelters in mind who would need support, please write us an email hello@thedogexplained.com, and we will do our best to reach out to them. 

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What’s the difference between a 28-Day Plan & 3-Month Plan to Solve Separation Anxiety?

Both plans include day by day guidance to train your dog. Both programs will have a Happy Progress Calendar for you to mark your daily progress by drawing a smile that represents the result. 

The difference is that a 3-Month plan requires more dedication, though it shows more consistent results. Also, the 3-Month plan includes a step by step crate training plan on a 3rd month. We recommend a 3-Month Plan if your dog had behavior problems related to separation anxiety before (or currently), and you’re ready to commit three months to fix it!  

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